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HealThruWords® Foundation

Healthruwords® Foundation’s purpose is to create a movement promoting positivity and heartfulness.

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Our Flagship Project

We are working in the promotion of self-love in mothers and their children through the financing of educational programs for low-income single moms.

A mother’s self-love always creates self-love in a daughter or a son.

Millions of mothers are currently raising children unaware of the impact their own beliefs of unworthiness and disempowerment are having in their children’s minds and hearts. For good or for worse, they are literally shaping their kids’ futures.

A great part of humanity’s problems come from the fact that mothers who are raising the next generation of mothers and fathers, are unfulfilled, unhappy, and ignorant of the power their negative minds exert on the young girls and boys who so urgently need to start helping in the construction of a better world.

The problem is not only about lack of self-esteem as it goes deeper than the physical body and the reality human eyes can see. It is in the mind and the soul where mothers need to heal their wounds. It is in these more profound levels where self-love begins to germinate and expand. And it is this kind of love that can enable young girls and boys to open their hearts and believe in their capacity to fulfill their wildest dreams and be a positive influence in their world.

  • A healed mother is a healed child and a happy mother is a happy child.
  • Happiness, well-being, confidence, realization and success are all learned and transmitted at home.

Everybody needs more positivity in his or her life.
Everyone should thrive in happiness, self-empowerment, and success.
Everybody should be the highest version of themselves and live their lives with an open heart, and loving…
Every minute of it.
What a beautiful world, it would be!